We will show you the most important new production functionalities available in TopSolid'WoodCam 2020. For more details you can check out the "What's new?" document availaible in your TopSolid (under Help). Or use one of these links:

Searching for the stop according to the part dimension

You can automatically determine which stop to use according to the width of the part. This makes it easy to set narrow pieces to the front and wider pieces to the back. This can be set as desired in the machine template (What’s New p. 61-62)

Group management

Machining processes and associations of processes can now be stored in the group config. Database could already be moved to the group but now topsolid gives a notification if it isn't available anymore (What’s New p. 62-63).

Mounted set


TS 6.21 allows you to program an assembly of different parts when using multi-machining. You will have to define the subset and define its axes (What’s New p. 58).

Tool management

You can filter tools using the reference, diameter and/or diameter tolerance (What’s New p. 59).

New components

1. Countertop fastener are added to the 4D general library.

2. Fixchip is added to the 4D general library.

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